The Tarot Music Deck, Arcane IIII, the Emperor

The Tarot Music Deck, Arcane IIII, the Emperor
Not another occvlt chronicle for the deaf, just a 22 triumphs of the underground music series.


It could have been easy – with such a card- to please many metalheads, but that’s not my purpose. The Emperor is a strong man, pretty sure, proud and strong of the path he has chosen after all.

Mornful and powerful artist, the Emperor I chose to pick is Blixa Bargeld. “Is that a name ? “ would you tell if you don’t know him yet. Yep, that’s the name of the weird child born of a pen and the surrealistic influence of cash money! But I’m pretty sure you came across some of his works for he’s the leader of the industrial band Einstürzende Neubauten. Noise and guts of grey cities, with the sardonic poetry of Blixa, those “collapsing buildings” made their way through the musical landscape of the last decades.


Blixa is also one of the shadows surrounding Nick Cave in the Bad Seeds, and his deep vocals are very known in some of their early songs.

Less famous, but not happier although, he collaborates with Teho Teardo on a more inward and quiter project. Those two men are masters of melodies, spoken language and in creating heavy and dark atmospheres. Even if the lyrics could be very depressive, exploring sadness or death, the instrumental vibes are nostalgic, with a retro touch, far from the industrial beginnings. Teardo and Bargeld instill their sour poison the subtle way.

Their last album released last April is called Nerissimo, “the Blackest”, darkest piece of art with the melancholic taste of Holbein’s portraits.

Never too late to discover such a complete and various discography !

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